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What Is The Best Material For Kitchen Ceiling?

The kitchen is the place we use for cooking and cooking. Relatively speaking, there will be more oil fumes, and most home decorations have a ceiling for the kitchen. After a long time, the ceiling wall will be covered with oil fumes, which looks particularly ugly. , so it is very important to choose a good ceiling material. So, what material is better for the kitchen ceiling?

1. PVC gusset: PVC gusset ceiling is made of polyvinyl chloride, extruded and assembled into a frame, and then made of glass. It is suitable for ceiling decoration of bathrooms and kitchens that do not have too high a requirement for fire protection. The PVC gusset ceiling has the advantages of moisture resistance, heat insulation, easy installation and cleaning, and low price. During construction, the plastic gusset ceiling is composed of 40mm×40mm square planks to form a skeleton, and a plastic gusset is nailed under the skeleton.

2. Aluminum gusset: Aluminum gusset is a new type of ceiling material, which has the advantages of fire prevention, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static, sound absorption, and sound insulation. The difference between the two is mainly in the hardness. The microporous aluminum plate is also called the dark-bone square gusset ceiling system. Its surface is flat, the joints are thin, and the design is simple and generous. The standard specifications of the microporous aluminum plate are 350x350mm, 600x600mm, and 600x1200mm. The inspection of the aluminum gusset mainly depends on the gloss thickness of the paint film.

3. Aluminum alloy gusset: The aluminum alloy ceiling is made of magnesium, manganese and other metals added to the production process of the aluminum gusset, which makes the gusset lighter and more flexible. Compared with traditional ceiling materials, the aluminum alloy gusset plate has a better texture and decorative sense. It not only has the advantages of moisture-proof, fire-proof, sound absorption, and sound insulation but also has the effect of being anti-static and dust-proof. The price of aluminum alloy ceilings is high, and most of them are mainly used for commercial purposes. In recent years, they have gradually developed into the household market.

4. Waterproof gypsum board: Waterproof gypsum board is a lightweight decoration board that adds a quantitative waterproofing agent to the gypsum core material, and waterproofs the board core and the protective paper to make it meet a certain waterproof standard. The surface water absorption of waterproof gypsum board is less than or equal to 160g/m2, and the water absorption rate is about 5%. This kind of board can generally be used for space decoration with large spaces and high humidity. Waterproof gypsum board has the advantages of sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, fire prevention, convenient installation, good construction, and low price. Light steel dragon skeleton is generally used during installation and construction. Attention should be paid to anti-rust during construction, and anti-rust paint should be applied to the hanging bars.

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