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Several Common Ceiling Materials On The Market

The selection of ceiling materials is a must for every home, so how should we choose the ceiling? Today, let's take a look at some common ceiling materials!


1. Gypsum board. The main raw material of gypsum ceiling is plaster of Paris, which is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, studies, and other areas, because it can not only heat insulation, sound absorption, and flame retardant, but also has the characteristics of lightweight, can be sawn, and has strong practicability.


2. Light steel keel gypsum board. Paper-faced gypsum boards, hollow gypsum boards, and fiber gypsum boards are all light-steel keel gypsum boards, which are suitable for ceiling partitions, but not for modeling ceilings. Light steel keel gypsum board is composed of gypsum board and light steel keel and has good bearing capacity.


3. Plywood. The plywood is suitable for various shapes of ceilings, such as curved, round, and square, because of its good elasticity and toughness, strong impact resistance, easy processing, high strength, and easy processing. But the splint also has the disadvantage that it is afraid of termites.


4. Stained glass. This kind of ceiling is suitable for partial decoration, and lighting devices can be installed inside. Due to the variety of patterns on the ceiling, it is very beautiful for living room decoration. When using, pay attention to seal the joint between the gypsum ceiling and the stained glass with gypsum powder, and also seal it with kraft tape.


5, Pvc board. The PVC ceiling is mainly made of plain color, with a honeycomb-like mesh structure in sections, and there are many colors and patterns, which are suitable for various areas of a living room and bedroom lights.


6. Plastic steel plate. Compared with PVC board, plastic steel plate is stronger, but the price is higher, the pattern is also very diverse, and the applicability is strong.


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