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PVC Ceiling Tiles Decoration Materials Occupy An Important Position In The Family

The PVC ceiling tiles gusset is made of PVC, which is light in weight, easy to install, waterproof, and moth-proof. The surface design and color patterns change a lot, and it is resistant to pollution, easy to clean, and has good performance of sound insulation and heat insulation, especially in the new process. Add flame-retardant materials, so that they can be extinguished when away from fire, and it is safer to use. The PVC plastic gusset has strong water resistance and scrubs resistance.

It uses PVC as raw material and is processed into tongue and groove profiles. It has the characteristics of lightweight, easy installation, waterproof, moisture-proof, and moth-proof. The good performance of heat insulation, especially the addition of flame retardant materials in the new process, enables it to be extinguished immediately after leaving the fire, and it is safer to use. It has low cost and good decorative effect, so it occupies an important position in the ceiling materials for home decoration and becomes the leading material for ceilings such as bathrooms, kitchens, and balconies. The suspended ceiling is a technique often used in interior design, and people's eyes often contact it for more time, so the shape and artistic treatment of the suspended ceiling obviously affect the spacing effect.

When purchasing PVC ceiling profiles, you can ask the dealer for a quality inspection report and a product inspection certificate. Visual inspection of appearance quality The surface of the board should be flat and smooth, without cracks and bumps, and can be assembled and disassembled freely, with a glossy surface and no scratches. In the inspection and test report, the performance indicators of the product should meet: the thermal shrinkage rate is less than 0.3%, the oxygen index is greater than 35%, the softening temperature is more than 80 degrees Celsius, the ignition point is more than 300 degrees Celsius, the water absorption rate is less than 15%, and the moisture absorption rate is less than 4%.

The PVC ceiling type has strong water resistance and scrubs resistance. In daily use, it can be cleaned with clean water after scrubbing with a cleaning agent; the gaps between the boards are easily contaminated by oil stains. When cleaning, you can use a brush dipped in the cleaning agent to clean it with clean water; be careful not to wet the lighting circuit with water.

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