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Is Pvc Wall Panels Environmentally Friendly?

PVC Wall Panels are a type of wall decoration material that has developed rapidly in recent years. It maintains the cleanliness of the wall for a long time and has a better decorative effect. And now PVC wallboard is occupying the market share, its high quality and low price, easy to clean. Today I will introduce you to the related content of PVC wall panels.


PVC wallboard is a new type of home improvement material, generally composed of aluminum alloy base material, polymer PVC plastic cover plate, rubber bumper strip, ABS resin seal, special plastic expansion screw, etc. Extrusion or extrusion process. Fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants, lubricants, auxiliary processing agents, impact inhibitors, and other additives are typically added during the manufacturing process. The PVC siding has the characteristics of lightweight, fire prevention, and moth resistance, simple installation, good decorative effect, and convenient maintenance.


Generally speaking, PVC wallboard is basically non-toxic and tasteless, with no harm to the human body, no harm to the human skin, and respiratory system. If you are allergic to paint smell, then it is more suitable to use PVC wallboard. By using PVC wallboard, people can largely avoid the use of MDF, particleboard, plywood, and fiberboard, reduce the amount of wood used, and thus reduce the damage to the forest and the environment. Therefore, PVC wallboard is an environmentally friendly wall decoration material.


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