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Introduce Pvc Ceiling Purchase Skills

The suspended ceiling plays the finishing touch in home decoration, making the space look more beautiful and generous. There are many types of ceilings on the market, among which PVC ceilings are more popular, so how do choose PVC ceilings? Let's see it together.

1. Trial printing

Generally speaking, the surface of the PVC board is covered with a layer of light film. The purpose of this film is to have good protection and convenient cleaning. When buying a PVC board, you can use your fingernails to gently scratch the surface of the light film to check its hardness of the light film.

2. Check the saw

When purchasing a PVC board, you can also observe whether the saw edge is neat and smooth and whether there are burrs and cracks to the touch; the inferior PVC gusset plate not only has cracks and burrs on the surface of the raw edge but also often bubbles on its surface. etc. sundries.

3. Determination of thickness

When you buy a PVC board, it is recommended to test its wall thickness to see if it meets the product standards. Generally speaking, the thickness of genuine gusset material is about 0.7 mm, and the thickness of such products is qualified, which proves that this kind of gusset material is of high quality and is worth buying.

4. Listen to the sound

When buying, not only look at the appearance, but also through the surface of the ceiling material, but also listen carefully to see if the sound is clear. If the sound is clear and crisp, it proves that the quality of the material is good, and then observe whether it has greater flexibility, which is one of the factors for judging the quality of PVC ceiling materials.


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