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Five Points Tell You Whether The PVC Ceiling Panel Is Good Or Not

1. The production process of PVC ceiling panels has the same machinability as logs, it can be nailed, sawn, easy to cut, and can be drilled. Just use nails or bolts to fix the wall panels, the surface texture is very smooth, no need to spray paint. In addition, compared with logs, wallboard has more physical advantages, good stability, and is not easy to crack, warp, twill, etc. in daily use. According to the needs of consumers, colorants can be added, and wallboard products with different colors can be processed, but regular maintenance is required.

2. Due to its own characteristics, the PVC ceiling panel is extremely water-resistant and has good fire resistance. In the daily maintenance process, there is no need to carry out too much maintenance.

3. The appearance and texture of PVC ceiling panels are very similar to those of solid wood but compared with plastic wall materials, they have higher hardness and longer use time. In addition, the weight of the wall panel is light, which is convenient for construction personnel to transport and install, and it also has a certain degree of wear resistance, making the wall panel suitable for many space walls.

4. The PVC ceiling panel has many patterns and rich colors, allowing consumers to have more choices. The installation of wall panels is very convenient. After the overall wall decoration, the decoration taste can be improved instantly. Widely used in indoor walls, such as entertainment venues, conference centers, etc., in plastic wall materials, a class of products.

5. In the production of PVC ceiling panels, flame retardant materials are added, so that the product has excellent fire resistance, and it will be extinguished in case of fire, which improves safety. At the same time, it is very convenient to take care of and clean, just use a rag to wipe off the stains, which makes consumers more worry-free.

Is the PVC ceiling good? Generally speaking, it is still a very good wall decoration material. It not only has the effect of fire prevention but also has many colors and patterns to choose from. If your need of custom decorative PVC ceiling, please contact us!