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Do Not Blindly Decorate The Ceiling

Ceiling decoration is a very important part of home decoration. The general process steps of its decoration include: first, do a good job of ceiling decoration planning, determine whether it is necessary to do a ceiling and if it is a ceiling, what style, color, style, etc. should be selected; Then, after deciding on the style of the ceiling, it is time to select the ceiling material; the next step is the entry of materials, the installation and construction stage; after the construction is completed, the ceiling acceptance stage; and the cleaning and maintenance stage of the ceiling.

Decoration planning: do not blindly decorate the ceiling

Many people think that installing the ceiling will improve the grade of the home, so they blindly install the ceiling regardless of the actual situation of the room. In fact, not all spaces are suitable for suspended ceilings. When the house is low and the space is relatively small, if a suspended ceiling is installed, it will make people feel nervous and depressed visually, and then trigger a physiological response, which is not conducive to people's living.

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