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Ceiling Material And Applicable Occasions

The ceiling material depends on how the space is used. If it is a home space, it is recommended that you choose a calcium silicate board and gypsum ceiling. These two kinds of boards are durable, so you don’t need to worry about the decoration and repairs soon; if it is a commercial space or public space For places, it is recommended to choose from cheap and fast construction of mineral fiberboard and PVC board.

Calcium silicate ceilings are suitable for all kinds of places

Calcium silicate board is moisture-proof and fire-resistant and has excellent strength. It is suitable for installation in living rooms, rooms, or bathrooms. The only thing to note is that the price of calcium silicate board is high. If the whole room is used, it may cost a lot of budgets. Therefore, it is recommended that you can use a gypsum board in some areas to save on the cost of decoration.

Gypsum board can be used as molding ceiling

Gypsum ceilings are cheap and have strong plasticity, which is convenient for making special shapes such as arcs, rectangles, and even carvings, and the strength is not bad. However, it should be noted that the waterproofness of the gypsum board is poor. Even if the style you choose is specially marked to be moisture-proof, it is not recommended to be used in the bathroom.

PVC plastic sheet for wet areas

PVC plastic board is waterproof and moisture-proof, and easy to clean, so it is suitable for installation in bathroom spaces or humid areas. However, it should be noted that PVC board has a short life and is easy to fade and deform after a long time. Therefore, if you want to use it, it is recommended to be light. Steel frame exposed ceiling, it will be easier to replace the board in the future.

Mineral fiberboard used in commercial areas

The main raw material of mineral fiber board is inorganic rock wool. This material has a good sound insulation effect and is flame-resistant and heat-insulating, so it is very suitable for use in office conference halls, concert halls, and other areas where many people will gather at the same time, but sound insulation is required.

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